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Long Ball vale

Product Name: PVC_Long Ball vale

Type: Class 13.5

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride.

Brand: SCG

Color: Blue

Size: DN18-DN100 (1/2'' - 4'')

Unit: Piece

Standard: TIS 17-2532

1. Usage: PVC pipe is plumbing made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermoplastic material. PVC piping is often used in drainage, water supply, irrigation, chemical handling, waste management, vent tubing and duct work. PVC pipe is manufactured in various sizes that range from 1/2 inch up to 10 inches in diameter. Some of the most common sizes are 1/2 inch, 1.1/2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch PVC pipe.

2. Not suitable for the use of more than 60 degrees celcius water. TOYO PVC Pipes and Fittings earn TIS 17-2532 standard. Blue color. Suitable for drinking water pipe, pressured pvc pipe, drainage system pipe, etc.

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