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Compression Bend 90deg

Product Name: HDPE_Compression Bend 90deg

Type: PN10bar - PN16bar

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Brand:  FISH_Malaysia

Color:  Black

Size:  DN20 - DN110

Unit:  piece

Standard: BS 5114, AS 4020

1. TOYO HDPE pipes are manufactured from thermoplastic PE 100 in
modern production lines. The latest German standards DIN 8074 & 8075 and the ISO 4427: Standard this International:
2007 and gained widespread acceptance in both domestic and overseas
HDPE pipe pressure TOYO stated in the applications. The following:
+ Civil Engineering: Primary Water Conveying System or Drainage System
+ Building: Connecting Houses and Cold Water Conveying Systems
Agriculture: Irrigation and Water Supply Plans
+ Industry: Industrial Sewers, Chemical Transport, Burial Pipes For firefighting
Mining: Conveying mineral mud, mine water
TOYO HDPE pressure piping systems offer several advantages compared to traditional products:
+ Weather resistance in terrestrial applications.
+ high corrosion resistance
+ light weight, easy to handle and install Excellent toughness
+ Made to order length Combined roll
+ Eco-friendly
+ Leak-
proof heat fusion joint + Multi-chemical resistance
+ Low cost product. (together with pipe costs, management, installation, maintenance, replacement)

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